American Muslim Cemetery-The long awaited project of the Muslim community

Alhamdulillah, we will be able to establish the first Muslim cemetery in Illinois. 

Donate generously to make it happen!

The plain uniform tombstones are the great equalizer!

Cemetery managed on the model of a Masjid. Its open to Muslims of all strata of wealth irrespective of ability to pay.

Managed by CITCD -Trusted by you to deliver comprehensive Islamic services

We have been running the free Muslim funeral facility for a decade.  Now we move forward with this much awaited project.

Convenience for Janaza Salah, burials and Azza gatherings in severe weather


Phase 2 will include a body preparation facility, wudu areas, prayer hall and lounge area on site

Zoning approved for a green burial Muslim cemetery

Burials in accordance with the sunnah with no requirement for cement liners and caskets. Lets establish the Sunnah!